How do my students log in to MathBRIX?

One of the things that we've discovered while developing MathBRIX is different classrooms each have very specific needs in terms of logins.  To accommodate a wider variety of classrooms we're now providing multiple ways to log into MathBRIX.

QR Code Login

QR codes will continue to be the major way that most of our student users log into MathBRIX.  It's the quickest, easiest method of securely logging student onto the platform.  Learn how to use QR codes.

Class Code Login

Some classrooms either don't have cameras on their devices, or don't have the ability to authorize use of those cameras.  One possible alternative is Class Codes.  Learn how to use class codes.

Teacher Login

Finally, we also offer the ability for teachers to log on to MathBRIX using the same email and password they use in the Teacher App. Teachers can then either play the MathBRIX games themselves (and in any order), or they can also log on students manually.

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