Pricing FAQ

How does pricing work?

MathBRIX has a base plan that includes a certain number of students. Rostering any more than that number will incur charges on a per student basis.

Here are a couple pricing scenarios to illustrate. Suppose that the base plan includes 10 students:

  • A teacher with 8 students will have her entire class fall under the base plan. If MathBRIX costs $60 for an annual plan, then the teacher will pay $60.
  • A teacher with 13 students has only part of his class under the base plan. Assuming a $60 annual base plan and $5/student/year for extra students, the teacher will pay $75.

The prices in the examples above are hypothetical and do not necessarily reflect the current cost of MathBRIX subscription plans.

How long does my Pro plan last?

Our plans are month-to-month, and you may cancel or resubscribe at any time.

What happens when I add or remove a student?

Adding or removing a student in your class roster will immediately update your amount due to account for the cost of the extra student. The amount added or removed will be prorated by the day for your current billing cycle.

Can I change my plan midway through the year?

Any plan upgrades will take effect immediately. Downgrades, however, only take effect at the end of your billing cycle. Please contact us at if you have any billing issues.

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